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Specimen and Collection Information

Here you can find out information on what is involved in pathology testing.
Specimen Collection
Correct labelling of all specimens and request forms is essential as per NATA/RCPA requirements.
  • Patient Surname, First Name, Date of Birth, Address/Medical Record Number are the minimal requirements for patient identification.
  • Medicare Number and surgery UR number should be included on the request form for further identification purposes.
  • It is a mandatory requirement by NATA that BOTH the Time and Date of Specimen collection are indicated on samples collected and request forms.

There are new medico-legal requirements for cross-matches and blood group that stipulate exact and accurate details to verify patient identity, and identification of such specimens and paper work including request forms requires a second, separate check by an individual and/or by the patient themselves.

Glass slides (PAP smears, blood films etc.) should be labelled in pencil, with the patient’s full name and date of birth.

Storage & Transport
The current specimen transport recommendations and storage requirements are as per table below:

Blood, urine and faeces samples 2-8
Swabs, smears, semen samples, biopsies, Urea Breath Test, Cold Agglutinins Room Temperature
Blood Cultures 37

PLEASE NOTE: Some specimens require special attention. Refer to instruction under the individual test or phone the laboratory.

Medical Links
Several helpful resources have been listed for additional information and help with your pathology test requirements.
RCPA - Pathology Tests
Provides useful guidelines for the selection and interpretation of pathology tests. It consists of sections addressing clinical problems, pathology tests, and pathology decision support tools.

Blood Test Results Explained - Pathology Tests Explained

Previously knows as Lab tests Online, this site is designed for patients and consumers. It provides education and information on pathology tests offered in Australian laboratories.

MBS Online - MBS Online

This is the web site for the complete Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

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