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Pathology Tests

Austech Medical Laboratories offers a complete range of diagnostic pathology services in all major pathology disciplines, including chemical pathology, toxicology, microbiology, cytopathology, histology, immunopathology, haematology, endocrinology, reproductive medicine and biochemistry.

A list of tests performed by our laboratories are listed in the table below. Please contact the laboratory if you have any queries related to our range of tests.


#Test NameTubeVol (ml)InstructionsComp. Time (days)
1 AB Plain Please label tubes with patient
2 Acetylcholine Receptor Abs Serum Sep & Freeze, this test takes 3 weeks 28
3 Acid Phosphatase Do PSA 1
4 ACTH EDTA 2 tubes Sep & Freeze 7
5 Activated Protein C CIT 1 tube Sep & Freeze
6 Adenovirus Serology Serum 5.0 7
7 AFB Sputum/ 3 spec. To be collected on 3 consecutive days. Keep refrigerated. 42
8 AFP Serum 0.5 1
9 AIDS SCREEN Serum 1.0 2
10 Alanine Transaminase Serum 0.5 1
11 ALB Serum 0.5 1
12 Albumin Serum 0.5 1
13 Alcohol level Flox plasma 0.5 Gel accepted
14 Aldolase (Non MBS) $162.40 Whole EDTA Room temp
15 Aldosterone EDTA Separate & Freeze 28
16 Alkaline Phosphatase Serum 0.5 1
17 ALP Serum 0.5 1
18 ALP Isoenzymes Serum 0.5ml 1
19 Alpha fetoprotein Serum 0.5
20 Alpha-1-1Antitrypsin Serum 1.0
21 ALT Serum 0.5
22 AMA Serum 0.5
23 AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) (non MBS) $70.50 Serum Gel tube 1
24 Amino Acid -plasma Lithium Hep
25 Amiodarone Serum 0.5 This test takes up to 2 weeks 14
26 Ammonia EDTA/Lit Hep 10ml Separate & Freeze - Lithium Hep Tube. EDTA acceptable. Smoking avoided prior to test. 7
27 Amoebic serology Serum 7
28 Amylase Serum 0.5 1
29 Amyloid A (NON MBS)$33.00 Serum 0.5
30 ANA/ANF Serum 0.5 3
31 ANCA Serum 0.5 7
32 Androgens Serum 0.5 7
33 Androstenedione Serum 1.0 7
34 Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Serum 1.0 7
35 Anion Gap Serum 0.5
36 Antenatal Serology (ANS) Serum, EDTA 3.0
37 Anti - DNase B Serum 1.0 5
38 Anti - Gliadin IgA Serum 1.0 7
39 Anti acetylcholine esterase receptor antibodies Serum Sep & Freeze 7
40 Anti Basement Membrane Ab (Non MBS) Serum 0.5 14
41 Anti Cardiolipin (ACL) Antiphospholipid antibody Serum 0.5
42 Anti DNA Serum 0.5
43 Anti ds DNA Serum 0.5 5
44 Anti Endomysial Ab (EMA) Serum 0.5
45 Anti Filaggrin Ab (AFA) Serum 0.5
46 Anti LKM Ab (ALKMA) Serum 0.5
47 Anti mitochondrial Antibodies Serum 0.5
48 Anti Mullerian ABS(AMH) NON MBS $70.50 Serum 0.5
49 Anti myelin antibodies Serum 0.5
50 Anti Parietal Cell Antibody Serum 0.5 7
51 Anti Phospholipid Ab/Anticardiolipin Serum 0.5
52 Anti reticulin Ab (ARA) Serum 0.5 Sep & Freeze
53 Anti Saccharomyces cerevisiae abs Serum 0.5 7
54 Anti Smooth Muscle Ab (ASMA) Serum 0.5 14
55 Anti Sperm Antibody (ASAB) Serum 1.0 Sep & Freeze
56 Anti Streptolysin-O Titer Serum 1.0 14
57 Anti Thrombin III CIT 1 tube Sep & Freeze
58 Anti Thyroid Antibodies Serum 1.0 1
59 Anti Transglutaminase Ab (ATGA) Serum 0.5
60 Anti TSH Receptor Serum 2.0 Sep & Freeze 14
61 Antibody ID Serum 10.0 10ml Serum, 1 EDTA and form 7
62 Antibody Screening Plain 2
63 APC Resistance Citrate 3 tubes Sep & Freeze
64 APCA Serum 0.5
65 APTT CIT 1 tube Collect blood to the exact vol. 1
66 Arsenic EDTA Whole blood. DO NOT spin
67 ASMA Serum 0.5
68 ASOT Serum 0.5 14
69 Aspartate Transaminase Serum 0.5
70 Aspergillus serology Serum 1.0 7
71 AST Serum 0.5 1
72 AST (Aspartate Transaminase) Serum 0.5 1
73 Auto antibodies Serum 1.0 Includes both tests.
74 Auto Antibody Screen Serum 10.0 10 ml Serum + EDTA and Form
75 Avian Precipitins Serum 1.0


Order of Draw

TubeTypeVolumeCommon Determinations
od Blood Cultures 8-10 ml Blood Cultures - Aerobic and Anaerobic (OXOID - Signal Blood Culture System)
od Sodium Citrates (Light Blue) 2.7 ml APTT, INR, Coag Screen, DIC Screen, Platelet Aggregation, PFA, ATIII Protein C+S, Factor Assays, TT, Fib, APC, DD. ELT, Lupus, Von Willebrand, Factor Inhibitors
od ACD (Yellow) 6 ml T Cells, T&B Cell Counts, Lymphocyte Markers, Peripheral Blood Flow Cytometry. Phenotyping, Tissue Typing
od Plain 9 ml Amiodarone, Serotonin, Vitamin C, Cold Agglutinins, Red Cell Antibody Titres
od SST/Gel (Gold) 8.5 ml UEC, LFT, Troponin, Chol, Trig, HDL, LDL, Ca, Mg, PO4, Uric Acid, Iron Studies, TFT, lonised Calcium, Lithium, EPG, B12, Folate, Tumour Markers, Hormone Assays, Auto-Immune Serology, Viral Titres, Hepatitis Antibodies, HIV, Syphilis
od Sodium Heparin (Dark Green) 6 ml Chromosome Studies, Karyotype, Blood Cytogenetics, STAT Troponin
od Trace Element (Navy) 6 ml Aluminium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Mercury. Selenium, Zinc
od EDTA (Small Purple) 4 ml FBC, ESR, Hb, WCC, PLT Count, Retics, Drug Assays (not Warfarin or Lithium), HbA1c, Red Cell Folate, PCR for FVL, Prothrombin gene, Malaria, DAT
od EDTA (Large Purple) 9 ml Blood Banking: Cross Match, Group and Hold, Blood Group & Antibody Screens Molecular Diagnostic Testing: Hep B PCR, Hep C PCR, CMV PCR, HIV Viral Load
od Flouride Oxalate (Grey) 4 ml Glucose, Lactate, Blood Alcohol
od Quantiferon Gold Kit 1 ml TB Gold, Quantiferon

Collection Chart.

Stopper ColourTube DescriptionCommon UseSpecial Instructions
od Coag tube 3.2% Sodium Citrate Coagulation Studies: PT, PI, INR, APTT, Coagulation studies, D- Dimer Other: Lupus Anti-coagulant (please collect 4 tubes for these tests) Factor Assays Protein C and S, Factor V Leiden Mix well gently. 2ml only please. The vacuum is set to deliver 2ml only; this is the correct ratio of blood/sodium citrate solution NOTE: When using a winged blood collection set for venepuncture, a separate sodium citrate tube is drawn and DISCARDED to allow for elimination of dead space within tube.

od Serum gel SST Clinical Chemistry Routine Biochemistry Analysis (LFT, EUC, TFT, Chol & Trigs, HDL, Cardiac Enzymes, Amylase, CRP, Iron Studies, etc.) Serology/Immunology/Endocrino logy: (ENA/DNA, TGA etc), Hormones, Anticardiolipin Antibodies MIX SAMPLE GENTLY 8-10 TIMES
Then allow to stand for 15 minutes before centrifuging
od EDTA Tube Haematology: FBC, ESR, WCC, Diff, Platelets, Malarial Parasites, HbEPG, Reticulocyte count, Blood Group, Rh antibodies (2 tubes) Clinical Chemistry: HbA1C (Glycosylated Haemoglobin). Heavy metals (requires 2 tubes) Red Cell Folate, HLAB2 (Mon-Thu) Haemochromatosis Gene Analysis Molecular: HBV-DNA, Hep C RNA (2x EDTA) MIX SAMPLE GENTLY 8- 10 TIMES
od Glucose tube Sodium fluoride Clinical Chemistry: Glucose testing, GTT, Glucose load tests Mix well gently. Please specify on the request form if patient is fasting or non-fasting and any glucose load given to patient.

od Heparin tube Lithium Heparin Cytogenetics (Chromosomes) R.T. Fragile X Vitamins A E C & K NOTE: Sydney Genetics ONLY. Collect 2x EDTAs (for chromosomes)
Mon-Thu Only.

Tubes for vitamins should be shielded from the light, wrapping in aluminium foil is recommended.

od ACD tube T Cells DLAQ Gene Mon-Thu Only.

od Navy Blue Trace Metal Trace Elements Zinc MIX SAMPLE GENTLY 8- 10 TIMES

Regulatory rules require that all specimens have at least two forms of identification. We recommend FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH as the two forms of identification.
For specimen requirements of unusual tests, please contact the laboratory on: (02) 9724 2255

Swabs Chart.

CodeStopper ColourDeterminationsInstructions
108CIS sc
Blue Top Clear Amies, Plastic applicator
Used for routine bacterial culture, e.g. pus, wound/skin, ear, nose, throat and eye swabs Not suitable for viral culture
155CIS sc
White Top Pastic Swab Rayon Applicator
Dry swab suitable for PCR (Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Varicella Zoster and Pertussis) Not suitable for viral or bacterial culture
147CV sc
Green Top Viral Swab
Use for any viral PCR. Suitable for HSV, VZV, EBV, Measles, HPV and Respiratory viruses PCR. Also suitable for viral culture. Not suitable for bacterial culture
160CIS sc
Orange Top Pastic Swab Aluminium applicator
Use for naso-pharyngeal specimen (Pertussis PCR). If used for urethral cultures (e.g. N. gonorrhoeae), must be placed into Transport Medium Suitable for PCR (if culture required, transfer the swab to a tube with Transport Medium).
Thin Prep Vial
Thin prep vial solution in addition to being used for Cytology related procedures are also required for HPV-DNA testing. Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea PCR can be performed Follow same collection instructions for either of the tests listed.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

STI Chlamydia trachomatis * & Neisseria gonorrhoeae
STI Mycoplasma genitalium ** & Ureaplasma urealyticum
STI Trichomonas vaginalis **
STI Treponema pallidum (syphilis)
STI/Skin or affected body site Human Herpes Virus I & II
Skin Varicella Zoster Virus
STI Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Respiratory Bordetella pertussis
Respiratory Influenza A (incl. swine flu), Influenza B and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).
Respiratory Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Respiratory Chlamydia pneumoniae
Gastroenteritis Salmonella spp. Shigella spp. Yersinia spp. Campylobacter jejuni, Clostridium difficile toxin, Aeromonas, Giardia lamblia, Blastocystis hominis, Dientamoeba fragilis, Entamoeba histolytica, Cryptosporidium spp. Rotavirus, Human Adenovirus and Norovirus
Skin Rash/URTI/Lymphadenopathy Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)
Skin Rash Parvovirus
Skin Rash Measles virus
Conjunctivitis Adenovirus

HIC/Medicare Requirements for Certain Tests

The Health Insurance Commission (HIC) has established a set of rules and conditions that apply to specific tests and eligibility for Medicare billing, which are subject to change from time to time.

PLEASE NOTE: Information is subject to change without notice. For the latest and most up-to-date information, always refer to your current MBS documents, or online at MBS Online - MBS Online

At the time of publication, the following rules apply:

MBS ItemTest NameMBS Rules and Comments
65175 Activated Protein C (APC) Resistance Patient has a history of venous thromboembolism
65175 Anti-thrombin Patient has a history of venous thromboembolism
66819 Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium 3x patient episodes in 6 month period
73300 Factor V Leiden Gene Mutation PCR Proven venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
69345 69336 69339 Faeces for culture and Ova, Cysts and Parasites (OCP) Examination Culture
66719 Free T4 (FT4); Free T3 (FT3) At least one of the following conditions is satisfied:
  1. The patient has an abnormal level of TSH; or
  2. The tests are performed:
    1. For the purpose of monitoring thyroid disease in the patient; or
    2. To investigate the sick euthyroid syndrome if that patient is an admitted patient; or
    3. To investigate dementia or psychiatric illness of the patient; or
    4. To investigate amenorrhoea of the patient;
  3. The medical practitioner who requested the tests suspects the patient has a pituitary dysfunction;
  4. The patient is on drugs that interfere with thyroid hormone metabolism or function.
66557 Fructosamine Maximum of 4x tests in a 12 month period for established diabetes.
66554 HbA1C (in pregnancy) Maximum of 6x tests in a 12 month period for established diabetes in pregnancy.
69418 Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) A test for high risk human papilloma viruses that can be bulkbilled in a patient who:
  • Has received excisional or ablative treatment for high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) of the cervix within the last two (2) years;
  • Or who within the last two (2) years has had a positive HPV test after excisional;
  • Or ablative treatment for the HSIL of the cervix;
  • Or is already undergoing annual cytological review for the follow-up of a previously treated HSIL.
  • To a maximum of 2 of this item in a 24 month period. (Item is subject to rule 25).
66900 Urea Breath Test This test will attract a Medicare benefit payment in the following situations:
  • Conformation of H. pylori colonisation.
  • Where suitable biopsy material for diagnosis cannon be obtained at endoscopy in patients with peptic ulcer disease, or where diagnosis of peptic ulcer has been made on barium meal or in patients with past history of duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer or gastric neoplasia, where endoscopy is not indicated.
  • Monitoring of success of eradication of H. pylori in patients with PUD.
Please ensure indication(s) for the test are clearly written on the request form.
69491 Hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype
  1. The patient is HCV RNA Positive and is being evaluated for antiviral therapy of chronic HCV hepatitis; and
  2. The request for the test is made by, or on the advice of, the specialist or consultant physician managing the treatment of the patient.
Maximum of1 test in a 12 month period.
71075 Immunoglobulin E (IgE) 2 patient episodes in a 12 month period
71057 Protein EPG 1 specimen type collected within a 28 day period.
66655 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) 1 patient episodes in a 12 month period.
66660 PSA (Total & Free) Result between age related reference limit and 10 ug/ml. 4 patient episodes in a 12 month period
71079 Specific IgE antibodies to single or multiple allergens (RAST) 4 patient episodes in a 12 month period
66626 Urine Drug Screen (UDS) 36 patient episodes in a 12 month period
66599 Vitamin B12, Serum Folate 3 patient episodes (any test combination) in a 12 month period
66833 Vitamin D As per Medicare Benefits Schedule, the quantification of Vitamin D in serum is for the investigation of a patient who:
  • Has signs or symptoms of osteoporosis or osteomalacia; or
  • Has increased alkaline phosphate and otherwise normal liver function tests; or
  • Has hyperparathyroidism, hypo- or hypercalcaemia, or hypophosphataemia; or
  • Is suffering from malabsorption (for example, because the patient has cystic fibrosis, short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease or untreated coeliac disease or has had bariatric surgery); or
  • Has deeply pigmented skin, or chronic and severe lack of sun exposure for cultural, medical, occupational, or residential reasons; or
  • Is taking medication known to decrease 250H-D levels (for example, anti- convulsants); or
  • Has chronic renal failure or is a renal transplant recipient; or
  • Is less than 16 years of age and has signs or symptoms of rickets; or
  • Is an infant whose mother has established vitamin D deficiency; or
  • Is an exclusively breastfed baby and has at least one other risk factor mentioned in a paragraph in this item; or
  • Has a sibling who is less than 16 years of age and has vitamin D deficiency.
Kindly ensure the clinical indication(s) for this test are clearly marked on the pathology request form

Please note: information is subject to change without prior notice. For the latest and most up-to-date information, always refer to your current MBS documents, or online at: Medicare Benefits Schedule MBS-1

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