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We provide all routine pathology services and more.

Comprehensive Client Services

Are you a new practice looking for a reliable pathology service? Or perhaps you are an existing practice looking to transition to a new pathology provider? As a privately operated service, Austech Medical Laboratories is able to better tailor our service to suit all your pathology needs.

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Support Services

We have an extensive infrastructure of support services designed to assist our pathologists and laboratory staff in providing the best service possible. Amenities include:

We have licensed collection centres all around Sydney Metropolitan which are conveniently placed throughout the areas we provide a service to. Our collection centres are supported by our House call team which is available to patients who are unable to attend one of our collection centres.

Our extensive courier network ensures prompt pick-up of samples as well as delivery of hard-copy reports and supplies throughout the day, every day. Our courier services include:

  • a long hour, 7 days a week courier pick up service
  • Unscheduled pickup
  • Urgent pickup
  • After hours courier pick up via installation of locked after-hour boxes if necessary

Our team of home collectors ensure collection of samples from patient homes, hospitals, or nursing homes as required. Contact our customer service department on (02) 9724 2255 to schedule a time that is convenient to your patients.

Our stores department provides all approved equipment required by practitioners for the collection of pathology specimens. Austech is able to arrange for you:

  • Routine/Urgent supplies
  • Immediate delivery by our courier network

Our referring practitioners are supported by an individual Area Manager who is available to assist with any needs or requirements of using our service.
Each Area Manager acts as a single point of liaison between the laboratory and your practice to help organise schedules, supplies, and any other services required.

Information Technology Services

Austech Pathology offers referring practitioners a wide range of electronic transfer solutions enabling direct connection with laboratory to access results electronically. Practices are able to electronically access and store pathology results utilizing their electronic patient management system. A range of secure access options exist including:

Austech provides access to secure, high-speed online access to results via dedicated servers. Practitioners and practices download results directly into their electronic patient management system.

Results may be issued from Austech’s servers directly to a dedicated printer or automatically transmitted via facsimile.