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Find out more about what pathology testing involves.

Pathology Testing Is Vital To Your Healthcare

Pathology test results influence about 70% of healthcare decisions and are a vital part of determining your management. Before having a test taken, it may be helpful for you to learn more about what is involved in the process. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below for general information, or visit the Department of Healthđź”— or Lab Tests Onlineđź”— for a more comprehensive review on clinical testing.

Pathology Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we will accept all pathology request forms available.

Please ensure you bring your pathology request form, identification and Medicare card.

Bulk Billing

Pensioner Card, Health Care Card & Veteran’s Affairs card holders, children under the age of 18 and adults over the age of 80 are eligible for bulk billing. If you are bulk billed you will not receive an invoice and your account will be sent directly to Medicare by Austech Medical Labs.

Please note – to bulk bill in this fashion, we require your written authorisation (Signature and your valid Medicare number). In the event we do not receive your written approval, we are legally obliged to issue the invoice directly to you. Our pathology requests are structured such that your authority can be provided on the form.

Private Billing

Private billing will occur for patients who do not meet the bulk billing criteria. This may be due to a number of reasons, for example if your testing is not eligible under Medicare rules or if your testing was required to be performed under a specialised laboratory.

Drink plenty of fluids as being well hydrated allows easier collection from your veins. Relax and remain calm.

Only some tests require fasting beforehand, of which your doctor will notify you of. Fasting should not require longer 12 hours.

Fasting involves not consuming any food or drinks (except water). It is required because certain nutrients in the food or drink you consume can change your test results temporarily, for example your cholesterol levels.

Typically you can continue taking your medications, however this may depend on the type of test being performed. Before stopping any medications, please consult your doctor first.

Most routine blood test results are typically relayed back to your doctor within a couple of days. However certain tests may require a longer time period. Please speak with your doctor for more information about follow up periods.